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Clinicial Pharmacist
Job Code:2022-05-007
FT/PT Status:Regular Full Time
Salary Minimum91,542
Salary Midpoint114,427
Position Closes:

Job Responsibilities & Qualifications:

Primary Function

The incumbent in this position serves as a Clinical Pharmacist for the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority. The incumbent is responsible for the provision of comprehensive and age appropriate, outpatient, inpatient, and emergency department pharmaceutical services, and pharmaceutical patient care.


Job Description

General and Outpatient Functions

  • Prepares compounds, and/or dispenses pharmaceutical prescriptions to patients in outpatient, inpatient, and emergency room settings. This process includes (but is not limited to) checking for correct drug dosages, for drug-drug and drug-food interactions, for correct dosage forms, and correct labeling and preparation of outpatient prescriptions, inpatient dosage forms, IV admixtures, and other pharmaceutical supplies.
  • Provides assessment and treatment to patients with minor health problems. Provides maintenance care to patients with chronic disease.
  • Manages therapy for selected patients in whom drugs are the primary method of treatment.
  • Reviews pharmaceutical orders to assure appropriateness of drug therapy.
  • Counsels patients and families on drug use, therapeutic effects, potential adverse effects, precautions, appropriate storage of pharmaceuticals, and expected outcomes of drug therapy. Verifies the level of patient understanding concerning prescribed medications.
  • Assures the availability, preparation, and control of medication within the facility and for patients.
  • Transmits appropriate medical and pharmaceutical information to providers, nursing, and the patient cliental.
  • Provides drug therapy consultations, intervention, drug information, staff educations, and in-services to all members of the health care team.
  • Provides health promotion and disease prevention activities related to drug use and preventative therapy.
  • Monitors and maintains general and emergency drug supplies in all areas of the facility assuring adequate quantities, appropriate access and control, appropriate storage, and current dating and integrity of pharmaceutical items.
  • Maintains formal records and compliance with requirements of Law, organizational and/or agency rules and decisions, and internal pharmacy operation policies and procedures.
  • Interacts with and maintains proper operation of automated pharmacy systems, and technology.
  • Other duties as assigned, as appropriate, and as authorized.


Inpatient Functions

  • Provides pharmaceutical services to inpatients on an assigned basis. Duties include, but are not limited to, unit dose and IV additive functions, attendance at routine medical rounds with providers, daily chart review, MAR review and intervention, clinical pharmacokinetics services, drug evaluation services, delivery of 7-day services, 24-hour recall, patient drug counseling services, and participation in discharge counseling.
  • Participates in the operation of the unit dose drug distribution system including preparation of unit doses, dispensing of same, and maintenance of required record keeping.
  • Participates in the maintenance and proper operation of automated pharmaceutical dispensing systems. Maintains appropriate stock levels, monitors system operation, reviews system reports, and resolves system problems.
  • Participates in the operation of the I.V. Admixture program. Participates in preparation, labeling, and checking of I.V. Admixture products, special purpose intravenous products, and other parenteral solutions as required.


Administrative Services

  • Serves on various committees of the organization as appointed, approved, and volunteered.
  • Provides technical assistance in the procurement and maintenance of supplies, stock materials, drugs, and equipment to assure efficient pharmacy function.
  • Supports and contributes to the ongoing quality assurance and performance improvement program of the Pharmacy. Provides for drug use evaluation, drug audits, and additional pharmacy functions as required.
  • Presents educational programs to staff, other health professionals, and community groups.
  • Participates on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Discharge Planning, Infection Control, Safety, Medical Records, and other committees as required and/or assigned.
  • Services as a pharmacy preceptor for pharmacy students and pharmacy resident.
  • Functions as pharmacist-in-charge during evenings, nights, holidays, and weekends when so scheduled.
  • Maintains the highest level of professional standards of pharmacy practice when serving patients of all age groups, service unit staff, and the greater community. Ascribes to the Indian Health Service Standards of Practice for Pharmacy.



  • Incumbent must be a graduate of a college of pharmacy accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education. 
  • The incumbent must have earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy or a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree.
  • Incumbent must have an active unrestricted pharmacist license, and must be eligible for unrestricted pharmacist licensure in North Carolina.  Pharmacist licensure in a state different than North Carolina is acceptable, however, if a Tribal Direct Employee the incumbent should be eligible to obtain a North Carolina pharmacist license within the next 12 months following employment with CIHA.  Federal Employees including commissioned officers may hold and maintain an unrestricted pharmacist license from any State, and aren’t required to maintain licensure with the NC Board of Pharmacy.


Job Knowledge

  • Knowledge of the physical and chemical properties and characteristics of substances, therapeutic actions of drugs, and the principles of chemical, biological, pharmacological, and biopharmaceutical science.
  • Knowledge of clinical information and ability to apply such information to the provision of quality patient and pharmaceutical care.
  • Ability to communicate with patients regarding the proper administration, use, actions, precautions, and storage of medications.
  • Ability to communicate with fellow health professionals regarding patient care and pharmaceutical information and intervention.
  • Requires Age Specific Competency.
  • Position requires maintenance of active and valid driver’s license.


Complexity of Duties

The work often requires many different and unrelated processes. Decisions regarding what needs to be done includes the assessment of unusual circumstances, variations in approach and incomplete or conflicting data. The work requires independent judgment wherein error could result in serious injury or death to a patient. Prior to dispensing of medications, reviews the patient’s medical record for therapeutic appropriateness including diagnosis/treatment, patient allergy screening, and screening of drug interaction potential  Suggests alternative therapies when appropriate.


Supervision Received

  • The position is under the direction of the Director of Pharmacy, or other Pharmacy Supervisor as assigned by the Director of Pharmacy
  • The incumbent operates relatively independently in the performance of usual, customary, and clinical pharmaceutical services. The incumbent will have the authority to make final decisions about technical aspects related to the provision of pharmaceutical services.
  • Unusual and/or non-routine situations are to be referred to the Director of Pharmacy Services or designated Supervisor.
  • The incumbent aids in the maintenance of the overall integrity of the program.
  • Additional policy and procedure guidance is received through the higher grade supervisor, the Cherokee Indian Hospital Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual, Service Unit policies and procedures, Indian Health Service policies, and JCAHO guidelines and directives.



Job duties can be mentally, emotionally, and physically stressful at times. The work requires balancing multiple priorities in a busy, rapid paced, work environment while attending to patient safety.  The job is subject to frequent interruptions, which can cause distractions and potential for error. Physical activities require the ability to walk, sit, reach, bend, and lift. The job requires visual acuity, manual dexterity, and the ability to speak and hear clearly. Repetitive activities will occur with the use of typewriter and/or computer keyboards and preparation of pharmaceutical prescriptions. May occasionally lift more than 15 pounds.


Responsibility for Accuracy

Errors in this position would be difficult to detect and can have adverse effects on the health of individuals, groups, and families. Errors can place the pharmacy at risk for substantial legal and financial liability. Undetected and unresolved errors can result in a range from minimal to life threatening patient consequences.


Customer Service

Consistently demonstrates superior customer service skills to patients/customers by demonstrating characteristics that align with CIHA’s guiding principles and core values. Ensure excellent customer service is provided to all patients/customers by seeking out opportunities to be of service.