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Dietary Manager
Job Code:2022-07-003
FT/PT Status:Regular Full Time
Salary Minimum$52,339
Salary Midpoint$65,424
Position Closes:

Job Responsibilities & Qualifications:

Primary Function

The purpose of this position is to manage and direct all Kitchen/Dietary Department functions including but not limited to managing all dietary staff, preparing budgets, setting menu pricing, ordering and working closely with our Nutritionists.  The manager will also insure that the department is compliant with all Joint Commission requirement and Health Department standards.


Job Description

  • Plans the sequence of operations and determines priority order in which work is to be accomplished, specifies types and quantities of personnel, equipment and supplies needed to accomplish the work.
  • On the basis of work to be accomplished and the abilities of subordinate staff, determines how each assignment will be done.
  • Coordinates work between his/her organization and with other functions affected by his/her operations.
  • Selects employees for staffing the department, based on Personnel Office referrals. Initiates recommendations for promotion, incentive awards, and reassignment of subordinates. 
  • Will perform evaluations on all dietary staff.
  • Selects individual employees for assignment to specific jobs based on ability and availability.
  • Directs subordinates in methods to be used in accomplishing assignments, standards or production, and schedules to be met.
  • Organizes work to be accomplished, utilizing the available employees in order to maintain schedules and provide nutritionally correct meals for hospital and RTYC patients.
  • Provides technical instruction to subordinates on difficult or new tasks and must be able to demonstrate proper method to accomplish the task.


  • Responsible for ordering supplies and equipment, receiving delivery and assuring proper condition and amount, and following up on delayed delivery of supplies and/or equipment.
  • Works with staff on special events and catering of food.  Will also assist the Employees Association in planning and providing food for social functions. 
  • Establishes performance standards for subordinates and according to CIHA personal policies appraises performance of subordinates. Prepares justification for outstanding and unsatisfactory performance ratings; recommends disciplinary actions, commendations, reprimands, and separations to supervisor.
  • Checks work of subordinates to insure instructions and establish policies and practices of the trade.
  • Investigates and implements means of reducing cost of operations by making studies of basic procedures and work flow, timing and sequence of steps in work operations, conservation of materials and supplies, utilization of personnel and number of personnel needed to accomplish work, care and maintenance of equipment, possible changes in work operations to allow more economical operations, use of specialized equipment or tools, and the proper distribution of work to subordinates supervised.
  • Determines training needs, arranges for training, and plans training programs.
  • Cooperates in career planning and keeps aware of existing opportunities to improve the competence of subordinates. Provides on-the-job training for new employees.
  • Conducts management appraisal studies on questions of work simplification, work flow, regrouping of tasks, staffing requirements, adequacy of equipment, and layout of work area. Takes necessary action to implement improvements.
  • Establishes housekeeping and other rules and regulations pertinent to dietary functions. Interprets rules and regulations governing personnel actions, conduct, safety, fire, care of equipment and others to subordinates.
  • Assures understanding and observance of rules and regulations by subordinates.
  • Counsels and considers appropriate actions for all informal and formal complaints of subordinates.
  • Schedules and approves leave, identifies leave abuses, and takes necessary steps to correct individual cases.
  • Analyzes existing work situation in order to contribute to overall job requirements.
  • Advises subordinates of any changes or proposed changes, in plans, policies and procedures for the dietary unit.
  • Initiates and maintains production and personnel records in accordance with hospital policies and procedures for the dietary unit.
  • Ensures nutrition requirements set forth by CIHA nutritionists are met for patient meals.
  • Aligns services with CIHA guiding principles by endeavoring to make CIHA the leader in the region for patient meals by delivering high quality meals with a high level of service.
  • Other related duties as assigned by supervisor.



  • AA Degree in Food Service from accredited school required or 4 years Medical field food service Management experience.  BA Degree in Food Service Hospitality preferred.
  • Serve Safe Certification required.  Must obtain within 1 months of employment.
  • Active member of the Dietary Managers Association preferred.


Job Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority personnel policies and procedures; CIHA procurement policies and procedures.
  • Must insure all ordering is properly done and supervise employees, order and receive supplies and equipment, and direct he activities of the dietary unit.
  • Knowledge in proper maintenance and use of dietary food supplies and equipment in order to maintain a current supply of food items necessary for day-to-day usage and to operate equipment properly and safely.
  • Skill in use of kitchen utensils and equipment in order to instruct employees on proper and safe use.
  • Skill as a journeyman cook in order to operate the Cherokee Indian Hospital kitchen in a cost effective, efficient, healthful manner.
  • Ability to write reports and establish and maintain personnel and production records.
  • Ability to read in order to interpret and relay policies and procedures to employees.


Complexity of Duties

Incumbent follows general written and/or oral instructions, established policies and procedures and standard work practices for a dietary unit. Incumbent must use judgment in any situation not covered by the policies and procedures.


The incumbent will be performing many different duties related to the food service field, including planning, organizing, and developing methods to maintain the quality health care for hospital patients. Incumbent is responsible for maintaining and implementing the health care meal guidelines and special diets required by physicians for patients.


Supervision Received

The incumbent is under the general supervision of the Engineering Director at Cherokee Indian Hospital. The manager must be able to work autonomously and without constant direct supervision. The day to day operation of the Dietary Department are the direct responsibility of the Dietary Manager.


Responsibility for Accuracy

The incumbent is responsible for all meals prepared for patients that at times will acquire special diets. Therefore, the incumbent will be directly responsible for the physical well being of patients at the Cherokee Hospital and any miscalculation of recipe or misread diet could impact upon a patient’s well being and possibly cause serious illness or death.


Contacts with Others

Personal contacts would be with hospital personnel, patients, patient families, vendors, and delivery personnel.


The purpose of contacts with hospital personnel would be to exchange information, with patients and patient families would be to explain food preparation, with vendors to obtain information in ordering supplies and equipment, with delivery personnel to receive deliveries checking for accuracy and completeness.


Confidential Data

The Privacy Act of 1974 mandates that the incumbent shall maintain complete confidentiality if all administrative, medical, and personnel records, and all other pertinent information that comes to his/her attention or knowledge. The Privacy Act carries both civil and criminal penalties for unlawful disclosure of records. Violations of such confidentiality shall be cause for adverse action.



Work is primarily sedentary. Incumbent must be able to handle emergency type situation when a critical need exist and must be able to find certain food supplies immediately. Incumbent must be able to help stock and be able to lift heavy supplies. Must be able to left upward of 50 pounds.  Incumbent must be visually alert to read, get data needed for supplies from vendors.



Work is performed in a clean, well lighted office. Work may be performed in a kitchen if in the process of supervising subordinates or in showing them how to accomplish a specific assignment.


Extent of Supervision

Supervises a department where incumbent is responsible for selection of staff, discipline, budgets, and dealing with personnel issues. Assigns and reviews work.


Scope of Supervision

Incumbent supervises and is responsible for the work of Cooks and Food Service Workers.


Customer Service

Consistently demonstrates superior customer service skills to patients/customers by demonstrating characteristics that align with CIHA’s guiding principles and core values. Ensure excellent customer service is provided to all patients/customers by seeking out opportunities to be of service.