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Emergency Room - Advanced Practice Provider (Part Time Intermittent)
Job Code:2023-03-002
Department:Emergency Department
FT/PT Status:Part Time Intermittent
Salary Minimum$109,504
Salary Midpoint$136,880
Position Closes:

Job Responsibilities & Qualifications:

Job Summary

The primary purpose of the position is to provide medical care services to patients across the lifespan in the Emergency Department, Inpatient, and Analenisgi Inpatient. Providers will be primarily housed in the Emergency Department and deployed to Inpatient units if needed.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Emergency Department

  • Medical Screening
  • Classifies patient acuity level
  • Stabilizes critically ill patient
  • Performs a medical screening exam
  • Applies crisis management knowledge
  • Medical Decision-making, Differential Diagnosis
  • Prioritizes the list of differential diagnoses
  • Evaluates patient safety/harm reduction
  • Implements medical decision-making for management plant development
  • Interprets labs and diagnostic studies (EKG, radiology, body fluid)
  • Utilizes evidence-based practice
  • Patient Management
  • Orders and interprets diagnostic studies
  • Performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, skills as indicated
  • Prescribes appropriate pharmaceutical agents using current evidence-based practice
  • Collaborates and consults with other health care providers to optimize patient management
  • Evaluates effectiveness of therapies and treatments provided
  • Simultaneously manages multiple patients using situational awareness and task switching
  • Initiates/maintains emergency stabilization
  • Initiates and administers resuscitation
  • Administers pain management according to national standards
  • Organizes and administers sedation (as per facility guidelines)
  • Facilitates team-based practice/management
  • Patient Disposition
  • Determines appropriate and timely patient disposition including admission, discharge (including follow up plan), observation or transfer as appropriate
  • Initiates/facilitates consultation and collaboration
  • Integrates patient and family education and counseling
  • Formulates appropriate disposition
  • Professional, Legal and Ethical Practices
  • Records essential elements of the patient care encounter to facilitate correct coding and billing
  • Integrates cultural competence into patient care
  • Identifies needs of vulnerable populations and intervenes appropriately
  • Manages patient presentation demonstrating knowledge of EMTALA regulations
  • Adheres to professional and ethical standards in emergency care
  • Assesses staff and personal safety
  • Supports intra- an interdisciplinary communication
  • Assesses for maltreatment, abuse, neglect
  • Considers legal, professional, and ethical issues in practice
  • Exhibits cultural competence in practice
  • Utilizes performance improvement to provide quality of care

    Inpatient Units

  • Completes Inpatient admissions (orders and H&P) and discharge summaries (if patient leaves AMA or passes away at night) if needed
  • Evaluates issues as they arise after hours on the inpatient units.


    Education/Experience/Minimum Qualifications

  • Satisfactory completion of an accredited Physician’s Assistant or Family Nurse Practitioner program required.
  • A current Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner license in North Carolina (or immediately obtainable). A current (or immediately obtainable) Registered Nurse license in North Carolina if provider is a nurse practitioner.
  • Current BLS, ACLS, PALS certifications required. Must obtain within 6 months if hired.
  • Ongoing continuing medical education is required to maintain the above credentials.
  • National certification by an appropriate professional board is required.
  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner Certification or Certification of Added Qualifications (CAQ) if physician assistant is preferred.
  • Cherokee Indian hospital Medical Staff membership (or immediately obtainable) with full privileges as appropriate for training.
  • Proficiency rated at 6 months.


    Job Knowledge

  • Professional knowledge of wide range of health principles, practices and processes including physical and mental health diagnosis, establishment of care goals, development, and implementation of the care program and evaluation of the results.
  • Ability to collect, organize, record and communicate in a concise method, data pertinent or primary health assessments including detailed family and medical history, physical examinations and selected laboratory tests.
  • Ability to interpret special screening and developmental tests.
  • Ability to provide preventive service to healthy individuals including guidance in nutrition, common illnesses, child growth and development and ability to teach individuals and families.
  • Skills in working with groups for example guiding families in the development of general problem-solving ability regarding health problems, assisting with training health workers and health counseling.
  • Skills in making diagnosis and in choosing, initiating and modifying selected therapies and ability to provide emergency treatment if appropriate such as in cardiac arrest, shock or hemorrhage.
  • Ability to integrate ethical principles in decision-making.
  • Ability to apply ethically sound solutions to complex issues related to individuals, populations, systems of care.
  • Ability to manage previously diagnosed and undiagnosed patients.
  • Ability to minimize the risk to patients and providers at the individual and hospital level.
  • Ability to collaborate in planning for transitions across the continuum of care.
  • Ability to establish a relationship with the patient characterized by mutual respect, empathy, and collaboration.
  • Ability to create a climate of patient-centered care to include confidentiality, privacy, comfort, emotional support, mutual trust and respect.
  • Ability to incorporate the patient's cultural and spiritual preferences, values, and beliefs into healthcare.
  • Skills in preserving the patient's control over decision making by negotiating a mutually acceptable plan of care.


Complexity of Duties

Requires a thorough knowledge of medical diagnosis, evaluation comma and treatment commensurate with advance practice provider certification. Also requires the ability to handle the problems of medically complex patients simultaneously. Work covers a range of patient care services from assessment through counseling, teaching and treating the full spectrum of emergency practice medical care period.


Supervision Received

Works under the medical direction of the chief of medical staff and patient care protocols. Within these constraints, to provider will evaluate and treat most patients independently. Physician consultation is available on site for patients not fitting standard protocols or not responding to treatment. Works with medical staff to develop new patient care approaches, practices and procedures. Must stay in compliance with NC Nursing and Medical Boards and hospital policies regarding supervising physician agreements. All required documentation/forms for supervising physician and back up supervising physicians will be signed and kept on site per hospital policies.


Responsibility for Accuracy

A high degree of accuracy is required in the proper care of patients. Undetected errors could have minimal to life threatening results. Work is reviewed retrospectively through quality audits.


Confidential Data

The provision of medical care requires that the incumbent shall maintain strict appropriate confidentiality regarding all patient information. The provider will have access to patient records and highly confidential information. The provider must function with utmost integrity to safeguard this information and comply with EBCI policy on confidentiality of patient records, Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority confidentiality policy and HIPAA requirements. Violations of confidentiality regulations will be subject to disciplinary action.


Contacts with Others

Has frequent contact with coworkers, other health professionals, and patients where tact, courtesy, and diplomacy are required to maintain positive relationships. Requires sensitivity to others while dealing with patients and their families. Purpose of contacts is to exchange information, gain assistance, and dispense data.


Mental/Visual/Physical Environment

Job duties can be mentally and emotionally stressful at times. Close mental concentration and attention to detail are required. Physical activities require the ability to walk, sit, reach, bent, and lift while assisting patients to walk, transfer, or turn. Must have visual acuity, manual dexterity, and the ability to speak and hear. Must be able to lift 30 pounds. The Cherokee hospital provides 24 hours 7 day per week services.


Work Environment

Works primarily in a hospital environment. The work environment involves moderate risks of exposure to infectious disease,      radiation, electrical hazards, irritant chemicals, and explosive gases. Employee must strictly adhere to OSHA guidelines and protocol for maintaining sterile conditions.


Customer Service

Consistently demonstrates superior customer service skills to patients/customers by demonstrating characteristics that align with CIHA’s guiding principles and core values. Ensure excellent customer service is provided to all patients/customers by seeking out opportunities to be of service.